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Ross is and has always been devoted to helping people. That’s what being a leader is all about.


After years of working in the private and public sector, Ross has been asked to bring his expertise to serve the Nʉmʉnʉʉ.


Ross is passionate about making a positive change in the lives of families, seniors, and young people. His intense dedication, passion, and devotion fuel his fight for change.


Please explore the site to learn more about his initiatives when he's elected as TA.


Lawton Mayor and Council Appoint Ross bernard Kahrahrah to Sub-Committee on Race Relations

October 09, 2020

I was honored to sit with Council Women Hankins and Johnson, and the committee for the first Race Relations Committee meeting. What an exciting opportunity to sit at the table of change. Thank you to the City of Lawton for leading the way.

Lawton City Council on Race Relations 3.
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